Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report

VIEW PDF 28/10/2016

Consistent Production at Gold Nugget Gas Project

VIEW PDF 24/10/2016

Half Year Accounts

VIEW PDF 13/09/2016

Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report

VIEW PDF 28/07/2016

Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice

VIEW PDF 28/07/2016

Production Update – Amended

VIEW PDF 26/07/2016

Production Update

VIEW PDF 25/07/2016

Production underway at Gold Nugget

VIEW PDF 19/07/2016

Results of Meeting

VIEW PDF 31/05/2016

Convertible Loan Note Issue Successfully Completed

VIEW PDF 26/05/2016

Gold Nugget Acquisition Completed

VIEW PDF 04/05/2016

Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

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Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice

VIEW PDF 13/04/2016

Annual Report and Appendix 4G

VIEW PDF 31/03/2016

Retirement of director and Appendix 3Z

VIEW PDF 22/03/2016

Announcement lodged 19 January 2016 – amended

VIEW PDF 19/01/2016

Production significantly enhanced at Gold Nugget Gas Field

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Investor Presentation

VIEW PDF 02/12/2015

Second production asset acquired

VIEW PDF 22/10/2015

Red Sky Energy interview with Finfeed.com

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Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form

VIEW PDF 16/06/2015

50% of Cache Oilfield – $30m independent valuation

VIEW PDF 16/06/2015

Acquisition Update – Cache Oilfield, Colorado USA

VIEW PDF 01/05/2015

Notice of General Meeting

VIEW PDF 29/04/2015

Appendix 3Y – Krause/Carey/Wing

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Appendix 3B and Cleansing Statement

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Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement

VIEW PDF 30/03/2015

Acquisition Update – Cache Oilfield

VIEW PDF 16/03/2015

Results of Shareholders Meeting

VIEW PDF 11/03/2015

Final Directors Interest Notice – Mr Le Page

VIEW PDF 02/02/2015

Director Resignation – Mr Le Page

VIEW PDF 02/02/2015

Activities Report for the Quarter Ended 31 December 2014

VIEW PDF 21/01/2015

Appointment of director – Mr Clinton Carey

VIEW PDF 13/01/2015

Annual Report for the Year Ended 31st December 2014

VIEW PDF 31/12/2014

Ceasing to be a substantial holder

VIEW PDF 10/12/2014

Change in substantial holding

VIEW PDF 04/12/2014

Change in substantial holding – EPW

VIEW PDF 18/11/2014

Cleansing statement and LR 3.10.5A disclosure

VIEW PDF 14/11/2014

Appendix 3B

VIEW PDF 14/11/2014

Placement and completion of initial investment

VIEW PDF 14/11/2014

ROG enters Binding Term Sheet

VIEW PDF 04/11/2014

Trading Halt

VIEW PDF 31/10/2014

Activities Report for the Quarter Ended 30 September 2014

VIEW PDF 22/10/2014

Appointment/resignation of director

VIEW PDF 21/10/2014

Half Year Accounts

VIEW PDF 11/09/2014

Activities Report for the Quarter Ended 30 June 2014

VIEW PDF 28/07/2014

Change of Share Registry Address Details

VIEW PDF 27/06/2014

Retirement of Chairman and appointment of new Chairman

VIEW PDF 08/05/2014

Activities Report for the Quarter ended 31 March 2014

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Notice of 2014 Annual General Meeting

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Investor Presentation – Making solar an attractive investment

VIEW PDF 24/03/14

New Funding Structure Ready to Launch

VIEW PDF 12/03/14

Results of General Meeting of Shareholders

VIEW PDF 06/03/14

Notice of General Meeting

VIEW PDF 04/01/14

Interest in two permits sold

VIEW PDF 08/01/14