Australian Listed Oil & Gas Acquisition and Development Company

North American Energy Development

Red Sky Energy Limited, is an Australian Listed Oil & Gas Acquisition and Development Company (ASX:ROG) that acquires, drills and develops onshore North American Oil & Gas resources that can be produced conventionally using proven advanced technologies and developed best practice methods. Red Sky Energy’s primary asset concentration is in Oil & Gas reserves in North America, focusing on cash-on-cash returns driven by a conservative valuation methodology and achieving operational efficiencies.

Red Sky Energy Ltd – Corporate Focus

  • Red Sky Energy is actively pursuing new opportunities in North American oil and gas that are profitable but are under replacement value in this current low price oil environment.
  • It is expected that these assets will supplement the company’s interest in the Cache Oil Field and greatly enhance its assets under management. Red Sky Energy intends to acquire these type of assets while the oil price remains low and whilst production can be purchased at a fraction of the cost normally associated with acquiring these types of oil and gas assets.
  • This acquisition on weakness strategy will build Red Sky Energy a substantial oil and gas asset base for when the oil price recovers and allow Red Sky Energy to become a strong oil and gas producing company with substantial reserves in place.